Hello all!

I am Natacha, I am a mother of two with a passion for cooking and wellness. I was born in France (Paris), from two parents from Eastern Europe and move to the US in 2006. I lived in NYC and am currently a happy LA resident (Ah!!! The sun…)

I am currently studying to become an Health Advisor and I  practice Reiki. If you live in the Los Angeles area and are interested in a session you can contact me at natacha.reiki@gmail.com .

I have always been interested in wellness and nutrition and cooking. My mother would spend hours in the kitchen and we would always get an homemade meal for dinner. My mother induced in me the love of wholesome food and ingredients and a passion for sharing.

In this blog you’ll find recipes, self care articles and sometimes some things I am “nerding” about.

I hope you enjoy it and also I cannot wait for your comments.

You can check out my instagram @goodnessed and my Pinterest profiles and boards.