And it begins…

Hello all,

I am terrified ! I am really terrified to start this blog. I attempted many times but everything I would come up with didn’t seem authentic to me. Every previous posts were about things that I thought people wanted to hear about… I didn’t feel motivated to write more because it wasn’t me on the page.

This time around i decided to be authentic and share some of my struggles and also some of my successes.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Natacha, I live in Los Angeles California with my 2 daughters and my husband. I am graduating in Integrative Nutrition in November 2018 and I am starting my business as a Holistic Health Adviser.

I have an intense passion for cooking and I love geeking out on wellness and health related news.

My intention with this blog is to share with you ideas, techniques and recipes that could improve your physical and mental health. I will tap into concepts as easy as drinking more water, or as intense as neuro-plasticity. I am also hoping that you will get involved and share your experiences and knowledge.

I hope you enjoy!



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