This year I will be kind to myself

Hi all,

2018 is already well underway. We are in February and I stuck to my resolutions so far. My body is thanking me. But one thing that I have been doing for the past month gave me pause. I started to really « hear » my inner voice. Now I  will stop and listen and ask myself where are those thoughts coming from.

My inner voice says things like:

– look at those legs, so fat.

-you suck for not doing the 7km run you set yourself to do today (I made it ‘only’ to 5k)

-you can’t be successful at this, you are not smart enough

-These people are looking down on you because you are not as good looking/ smart/ rich…

After a few weeks of really listening I asked myself what experiences in my life programmed me to think that way. I had a breakthrough (I will pass you the childhood traumas, we all have them…) and  I realized that no one has ever told me anything as mean as the things I am telling myself. I was my own worst enemy! I was my own « Mean Girl » . I made up all those worst case scenarios in order to convince myself to not be or do the best I deserve.

I analyzed my life and realized that most things that I set myself to do I succeeded at. I made a list and I started to think that I would congratulate and cheers on my friends if they achieved any of those. So why cannot I cheer on myself?


We hear a lot the « self-helpy » message ‘love yourself’ and I always found it corny. But in some way this is my intention for this year. I want to become my best friend, give myself the pep talks and encouragements  I need, the pats on the back I deserve.

I recommend that you start hearing your inner voice to see how you are treating yourself. If a friend was to talk to you that way, would you still hang with them? Make a list of all the great things you have done, and congratulate yourself, buy yourself a bouquet or a card to mark all these great achievements !

This is a powerful form of self care and we all need some in our lives.

My Love Letter To Matcha And My “Barista Almond Milk” recipe

50320FAF-1593-47FE-9BFD-2136CADB585BDear Matcha,

Since I met you, not one day passes without us spending quality time together. Waking up with you is always my favorite but you know how to cheer me up when I get tired in the afternoon.

When we started seeing each other I was getting out of a bad relationship with Coffee. At first, Coffee was good to me but little by little it showed its true colors. Coffee would get me jittery and my heart would be palpitating so fast that I sometimes thought I was having a panic attack. My sleep suffered… I was a mess.

I have seen Coffee be good to other people, but to me it behaved like a bad boy you know you shouldn’t see anymore. So one day I listened to my inner voice and I ditched it…

…And you came in my life. Some will say you are an acquired taste, but I love everything about you.

Your looks are impeccable. This green! Oh my! Your smooth texture, your taste… Your way of energizing me without making me crazy.

But was I really love about you is what you bring on the table:

Your amount of anti-oxidant is off the charts!  Probably because you are made by grinding the leaf, your leafs are not simply steeped. With you I am better prepared to fight free radicals and some chronic diseases.

Drinking you decrease my risk of developing liver disease. Being porter of the MTHFR gene mutation , so I couldn’t need you more. (BTW 40% of the population is porter of MTHFR, get yourself tested!!!)

You are packed with EGCG, which is known to fight cancer cells. What?! Do I really deserve all this? (Yes, I do, I really do). You also decrease my risk of developing heart disease, and being part of the Green Tea Fam’ you help me stabilize my weigh. 

So for all this I am really grateful and I love you.


I can only have you with my Barista Almond Milk.


Barista Almond Milk

Yield: 1 cup

Prep Time: 10 min (add 8 hours for soaking)

Total Time: 8hrs for soaking+ 10 min prep


-0.5 cup of raw almonds

-0.5 cup of raw cashew (need it for the “barista magic”)

-2 Medjool dates

-1cup of filtered/ mineral water


– 1 Jar with a lid

– a blender type Nutribullet or  Vitamix

– Cheese Clothe or Nut Milk Bag


Combine the almonds and the cashew in a jar and cover with filtered water. You can add the dates now if you like your milk barely sweet. Let the nuts soak overnight or 8 hours.

Drain the nuts and transfer them into your blender. This is when I like to add the dates as I like my milk sweet-ish. Blend for 30 seconds or until you get a creamy look.

Transfer the liquid into your bag (or cheese clothe) and drain the milk out.

This milk gives me the best froth (thanks to the cashews) and made me totally forget about the old cow’s milk lattes.







My first Blog Post!!!!


Hi all!

This is my first post and I cannot be more excited to share with you!

Let me tell you a little bit about what you’ll find in GOODNESSED.

I am passionate about food, so I will share with you some of my own recipes. I am also a nerd about nutrition, so those recipes will be pretty healthy. I follow an anti-inflammatory diet because this is what agrees with me the most, but I understand everyone is unique and what works with some doesn’t work for others. Most of my recipes will be “everybody friendly” with the few exceptions where I incorporate animal protein.

So to recap, the food here is :

Gluten Free

Sugar Free

Dairy Free


There is other subjects that I am a total nerd about: Holistic Healing, Self Care, Reiki (I am a Reiki practitioner) Meditation, Physical Activity (love to read about it on my sofa 🙂 ), Holistic Shoping , and GOOD news.  I will share with you what I know and I am hoping I will learn from you as well.

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